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ATM Skimming is the crime of attaching a device (skimmer) to an ATM to steal account information.

Skimming devices can include:
Magnetic heads attached and inserted in the ATM’s card reader to log account information and PINs.
Cameras attached to an ATM to view the keypad. These small, wireless devices are used to record PINs.
Mirrors used to view the keystrokes when entering your PIN.

Some devices interfere with the ATM operation while others do not.
Once information is captured, thieves can easily duplicate a card and access the account.

Tips to help protect you against ATM skimming:

Familiarize yourself with the ATMs you use
Keep our eye on the bankcard slots and PIN keypads. Skimming device cameras are typically mounted on these objects.

Stick with ATMs located at banks
It may be better to use an ATM at a bank location rather than a stand-alone ATM. The bank machines are more closely monitored, and less likely to have a skimming device go undetected.

Watch out for mirrors
Look for a mirror that seems out of place. Mirrors are required by law to be installed at ATMs so you can spot someone looking over your shoulder, but an extra mirror could be an attempt to steal your pin, number, usually by a thief who is standing close by.

Check the card slot
Look for a false slot attached to the original card slot. It may stick out farther or look newer that the machine. If it looks suspicious, do not use the ATM.

Report it
If something seems strange or suspicious at an ATM location, report it to the bank staff, the bank’s security department or call us at 781-337-8000. Do not remote any suspected skimming device.