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Certificate of Deposit – CD’s

Equitable Bank offers a variety of terms with the most competitive rates in Massachusetts. Opening a CD with us is a sure way of getting a return on your money.

  • Terms ranging from 3 months to 5 years in duration
  • All terms are available in Basic, Gold and VIP Relationship Banking Packages
  • Higher investment return than a regular passbook or statement savings account
  • Terms of 1 year or longer maybe opened with just $1,000.00, Shorter term CDs require a $5,000.00 minimum deposit
  • Annual Percentage Yield is Compounded daily and paid monthly
  • Interest may be withdrawn at any time; however there is a penalty for early withdrawal of principal:
    • For terms one year or less the penalty is 3 months interest
    • For terms over a year the penalty is 6 months interest
  • 10 day grace period after date of maturity, after grace period the CD will automatically rollover for the same term
  • Notices will be mailed out 30 days before maturity